When a tooth is weak or severely damaged, your dentist might recommend a crown. But gone are the days when getting a dental crown meant multiple appointments and waiting for weeks! iSmile Dental Care uses CEREC technology in our Lakewood, CA office to create crowns the same day — so you get the crown you need in a single appointment.

Getting a crown used to be a much more long and drawn-out process: The dentist would have to not only remove the decayed portion of the tooth to prepare for fitting the crown, but also had to have the crown made in an offsite lab — a process that could take 2-3 weeks. That meant the patient would have to come back to have the crown applied to the tooth.

With same-day crowns, we are able to create the crown in our office. We can design, scan and mill your custom dental crown or veneer in only two hours. This incredibly advanced technology means that you enjoy the convenience of same-day dentistry and a crown or veneer that is a precise fit — without having to schedule a second appointment.

If you’re interested in learning more about our CEREC same-day crowns and veneers or want to schedule your appointment at our Lakewood, CA dental practice, please give iSmile Dental Care a call today!